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I would highly recommend Gabriela Lazzaro and Inti Luz Properties for any of your needs while in Ecuador. I don’t know what I would have done without her help. She helped me in so many ways, from the best place to shop to my Visa & legal issues, purchasing a vehicle, acquiring a safe place to live, opening a bank account, traveling with me on a last minute notice for all of my translation needs. She accompanied me on many late night trips to Guayaquil to catch a flight safely. Not being able to speak Spanish, I could always be assured that my needs where her best interest.  Not only is she very professional and honest,  but also a compassionate friend who is always willing to help with any upcoming needs you may have. I can’t thank her enough. -L. Yancey (North Carolina)

Roger and I were very happy with Gabi's translation services while our house was being built. She has a firm yet charming demeanor when dealing with local contractors who may not understand why we needed hot water in the kitchen and bathrooms, or why we wanted so many electrical outlets. Her local reputation is very important and she is someone you want on your side. Gabi has also helped us many times with general translation services. She is accessible and attentive to your issues and will travel with you when necessary for government paperwork. For many reasons, Gabi is the one we contact whenever we need help and we thank her for being such a professional. - Cyndy W. and Roger T.

When we needed to schedule our initial appointments with IESS we contacted Gabriela Lazzaro for help with navigating the IESS system. She made our initial appointments for us and then accompanied us to the various doctors and translated our conversations. She also helped us to reschedule some appointments. She took several trips with us to La Libertad, including a very early (still dark out) departure and then waited patiently with us at the clinic. We have always found her to be pleasant, attentive, accommodating and punctual. We would not have been able to schedule and attend these medical appointments without her aid. She also accompanied us to La Libertad when we needed to get our car registered for the first time and walked through that whole process with us. It was an easy, stress-free process, thanks to Gabriela! - B. & C. Nielsen

There are so many accolades I could use to describe Gabriela Lazzaro, professional, efficient, helpful and one of the most trustworthy person we have had the pleasure of meeting in many years. Not only did Gabriela fine us a perfect place to live, right on the ocean, which we have been dreaming about our entire lives. But, went beyond the call of duty, while on a personal vacation in the United States. She procured all the necessary documents we needed to receive our residency in Ecuador, apostilled , translated, and notarized. Speaking of her trustworthiness we gave Gabriela a blanked signed check to get all this done,  without asking she brought all receipts.
We consider her a wonderful friend and intend to keep her as one, for as long as we live. Delightful person which anyone would love to work with.- 
Anne and Albert Perticone

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