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 La Ruta de Spondylus, Ecuador

Inti Luz Properties provides Real Estate & Rental services along the Ecuadorean Coast from Salinas to Puerto Lopez. We are based in Olon, a fabulous and growing coastal town with one of Ecuador’s most beautiful beaches! We hold strong family and cultural values, and respect the sacred space that is home to thousands of locals, immigrants, expats and natural wildlife. Our services are provided with integrity, honesty, professionalism and transparency.

Inti Luz also provides translation and Expat Services. We celebrate all cultures and our aim is to assist those who wish to relocate to Ecuador with any needs they may have. Our mission is to bridge communication gaps, and help you to create or find your dream home!

Special Properties

Awesome sitting area on the Penthouse ro

Penthouse Olon- Ventura Resorts

4 bedroom/4 bath luxury penthouse located in beachfront private community.

Outstanding view & exclusive location. Located in a desirable and popular coastal town. Large unit, fully furnished with all appliances included and breathtaking private terrace with 360 view, sauna and jacuzzi.



Olon Hillcrest

7,844m2 of prime land located less than 1 km from the Ruta del Spondylus in Olon. This property has been terraced and ready to build on. Nestled in a beautiful valley with spectacular ocean and mountain views. Water and electricity on site.  


DJI_0059 (1).jpeg

Vista 360- Las Nuñez Hilltop

Fabulous ocean view home situated on the top of a hill in Las Nuñez. 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, amazing views all around, large lot and parking area. Master bedroom with breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and soaking bath tub. Go for it!


Amazing Beach Rentals!


Twilight Tide Villa

Twilight Tide Villa, a brand new, two story luxury vacation villa located on the golden sand beach in Manglaralto, Ecuador. Just minutes from Montañita, enjoy the nightlife and variety of restaurants then come home to your peaceful serenity... 


Sonido del Sol

5 star achiever on Airbnb, Sonido del Sol sits on top of a hill in San Jose, Ecuador overlooking the Pacific Coast. Panoramic view, capacity up to 12 people, BBQ grill, pool, jacuzzi and more!


Montañita Beachfront 

Large beachfront house in the heart of Montañita. Swimming pool, BBQ area, tennis court and more! Perfect weekend getaway and vacation destination.


Villa Jaco

A luxury beachfront house located in Olon, providing hotel service to its guests. An ideal property for weddings, vacation, gatherings, special events... let us help you plan your dream day! 

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Inti Luz Properties takes you on a tour of beach rentals in Olon with JP and Amelia!

Meet The Team

Gabriela Irupe Lazzaro

  • Native New Yorker, moved to Olon, Ecuador in 2014

  • Family background is from Argentina and Bolivia. Indigenous Quechua roots, by father's side.

  • Grew up bilingual, studied in both the United States and Argentina.

  • Bachelor degrees in Early Childhood Education & Social Work, City College of New York.

  • Worked as a Domestic Violence Case Manager, in NYPD police precinct, Criminal Court and District Attorney, Family Justice Center in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Client advocate, provided 4+ years of translation and facilitation services to clients in NYC in need of social services.

  • Began working as a Translator and providing Expat Services in Olon in 2015. 

  • Over 20 positive reviews on pages such as Airbnb.com and personal recommendations.

  • Very positive reputation among Expats and Ecuadoreans in Olon and nearby areas.

  • Began working with Todd Hebert as a Property Manager and Real Estate Agent in Olon in 2016.



"I am an Indigenous woman who comes from and understands three different cultures and grew up in a multi-diverse city. This is my gift; to help people from different cultures understand one another and facilitate where I am needed. I have been working as a Real Estate agent and a Property Manager in Olon since 2016. I work with integrity and honesty. I also work with deep cultural values. These coastal lands are sacred and are stunningly beautiful. We live between ocean and jungle, a perfect balance if one is looking to live closer to nature. Ecuador’s coast is a sanctuary and a place of healing for so many people. It is growing each day more and more, and home to not only locals but also many foreigners looking to relocate to a healthy and peaceful environment. Allow me to help you fulfill your dreams of a home on the coast of Ecuador!"


     Deb Anderson (Sales Rep.) 

    • Born in Minnesota, Las Nuñez resident since 2012.

    • Founder of the largest Ex-Pat google group with over 400 members on La Ruta Spondylus.


    "My name is Deb Anderson.  I have lived here on the beautiful coast of Ecuador for the past 7 years.  Living on the South Pacific has been quite the change for this Minnesota girl!  I love my life here and have learned so many lessons about living in a foreign country from my own trials and tribulations.  I am well versed in the area from Manglaralto to La Entrada.  When I moved to this area there was no network to connect people with each other, so a friend of mine created one.  I took it over and have this google group for over 6 years.  It is now a network of over 400 people in this area all willing to share information and lend a helping hand.  I feel confident that I can help find the perfect property, home or condo in this area.  I look forward to hearing from you.


    Tifa Torres (Rentals)

      • Born in Quito, Ecuador

      • Trilingual: English, Spanish & Portuguese


      "My name is Estefania Torres Muñoz but everybody calls me Tifa. I am Ecuadorean, born in Quito. I finished high school in Minnesota, United States of America. At the age of 28 years old I decided to live in the Ecuadorean Amazon for one year to learn about our native language Quichua and its culture. Since then, I decided that my university would  be the world and I would travel and explore different cultures. I lived three years in Argentina and worked as a kayak, rafting, climbing and trek guide. I lived 3 years in Brazil working on an island called IIha Grande as a sailor on a tourist boat. I also worked during the World Cup administrating a hotel. I have had several small businesses like owning a cafe, designer's shop, catering for events and weddings. All of these experiences helped me to learn languages for example I speak english, spanish and portuguese. My priority is to get to know people well, their needs and curiosities. My goal is to help you find a special place for your time on the coast, for that time so planned out and sought out moment. For that reason I feel happy to be able to provide you my support in helping to find that magical place you've been searching for and show you the beauties in my country and on the coast of Ecuador."

           Erika Campoverde (Facilitator and Translator)

        • Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Montañita/Manglaralto resident since 2007.

        • Studied and completed schooling in a Bilingual Center. 

        • Graduate teacher of Spanish.

        • As worked for 10 years assisting Expats with the visa process, Real Estate sales and other legal services.

        • Owner of Hotel Manglaralto and Casa de los Espejos in Manglaralto.


        "​Hello, I am Erika Campoverde and have been dedicated to the assistance and translation of processes such as visas, property purchases, car purchases, driver's license procedures, I also have experience and knowledge in the translation of legal processes since I am recognized by the  council of the Judiciary and Prosecutor's office of Santa Elena. In general I do a bit of everything as legal assistance.  In 2007 I moved from Guayaquil to Montañita where I worked for a few years as a Spanish teacher. In 2010 I moved to Manglaralto and since then I have helped many expats with their paperwork and the transition to start living in Ecuador."